About Us

Henry the Eighth. Hadrian's Wall. Irish Bars. The Empire. Spitfires over the white cliffs of Dover. The United Kingdom has given the world some of the most evocative and immediately recognizable images possible.

Surely it makes no sense to try and pull the UK in a direction away from this. Consign these to history and consciously tear down the red phone boxes, stop walking along pavements and use the sidewalks instead, ditch 999 for 911?

We Disagree.

What is State51?

It's a good question. What IS State51? Who are these nut jobs and do they really believe the UK will become an official 51st state of the USA? seriously?

Well, no, we don't. We are actually an organization (and read that as a collection of individuals as opposed to something like SPECTRE) who ARE proud of the Spitfires flying over the Dover cliffs, the red telephone boxes, the Queen, the Empire, warm beer and fish and chips. Lots of warm beer and fish and chips.

But, we are also an organization that sees where we are heading. That have had to teach sons, daughters, nieces and nephews that the Police are not "the feds", that 911 doesn't get you the fire brigade, that it is Doctor Who series 20 not season 20, and of course, chemical number 13 is aluminium not aluminum.

These kids have grown up with US shows from kids through teens to adults (like 90210, Smallville, Cat Fish to name just a few immediately to mind) on their TV screens pretty much 24x7. Appetite for YouTube videos and vloggers in particular continues unabated, and by far the majority of these are based in the US. Child and pre-teen minds soak up these, from language, vocabulary, fashion, accent and mannerisms.

We firmly believe this is the last generation who will grow up in the UK speaking with an English accent, and with a "traditional" British vocabulary.

We seek to accept this fact. Embrace it fully, and to accelerate its impact.



Admitting that "Olde England" is a thing of the past is not wiping it from history nor ignoring the impact it has made on the world. But it IS a thing of the past, and that small island nation of 50, 100, 1000 years ago bears no relevance in the globe of today.


Internet and Media

The Internet and modern media have made the world a single place. Children now grow up with immediate exposure to American culture from the age they can see a television, use a tablet, or subscribe to a YouTube vlogger.



American English is the main language of pre-teens already and most 12 year olds would pick 911 over 999 as the emergency number.  School leavers attend their Prom. Aluminum over Aluminium is already here, let's accept the cultural revolution, embrace and accelerate it.