Storm Doris

Storm "Doris", the fourth of the 2017 winter season, is currently heading to the UK.

The introduction of naming storms in the UK felt like a  massive step forwards back in 2015 when "Abigail" became the first storm named by the Met Office. Interestingly though, this isn't actually the longstanding US tradition it's perceived as.

Wikipedia tells of the naming of US storms since the 1700s, although actual systematic naming throughout each season was only introduced by "The Weather Channel" back in 2012, and to this day these aren't formally recognized by the NOAA/NWS.

Nonetheless, storm names are used widely throughout broadcast and internet news, communities, and printed press in the US and the move to use them in state51 is to be encouraged. The names are going to need some work ("Penelope", Wilbert" and Gertrude"?) for future seasons, but usage should be increased where possible.

A Note on Brexit

On 23rd June 2016 the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. this is colloquially referred to as "Brexit".


People often assume our stance on the UK aligns us with the "remain" campaign.

This is not so. We see the major cultural, economical, military and political power in the world as the United States of America, and as such fully support leaving the EU, leaving the way clear for a joining of the UK to the USA.